The Ultimate Business Guide for Therapists

Mentoring Progamme

When it comes to starting up your own therapy business, however exciting the idea is, it can seem overwhelming and complicated. Chances are you have never worked for yourself before and so it truly is new territory. Working for yourself may be a dream come true, especially if you already love being a therapist, but it does require a hefty dose of business acumen and adds a myriad of new skills and responsibilities to your life. We understand just how challenging it can be to set-up in business for the first time. If you want to get it right, there is so much more to it than doing a business plan and creating your business cards! This in-depth programme will support you and provide you with everything you need to do not only to launch your own therapy business, but also to ensure your business is set up for success. We will gently lead you step-by-step through the whole process. This business mentoring programme includes everything we wish someone had offered us when we started out. Tapping into over thirty years of experience in the industry, it is createdfor therapists and covers in detail, every conceivable thing you could want to know when setting up your business.

Building A Successful Practice

The unique mentoring programme is designed to take you by the hand and guide you through each topic. Starting from the beginning, each section is divided into bite-size modules and the worksheets provided will form the framework for all your business decisions. We not only show you what to do but explain how to do it. You won’t need to look anywhere else for any answers – it’s all there in one place.


In addition to all the lessons, step by step guides, examples, templates and worksheets you will receive the following

  • Bonus Mentoring

    For the 12 months' duration of the programme you will be invited to join a monthly mentoring session via Zoom with Lynn Vereenooghe (Programme creator) and other members of the programme. The extra support will allow you to ask questions, discuss ideas and receive feedback as you progress.

Programme Content

Please click on each module heading to see the content for each

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  • 2

    Module One - Laying the Foundations

    • Introduction - Laying the Foundations

    • LESSON - Discovering Your ‘Why’

    • WORKSHEET - Discovering your 'Why'

    • LESSON - What is YOUR Vision of Success?

    • WORKSHEET - What is YOUR vision of success?

    • LESSON - How Ready Are You To Run A Business?

    • WORKSHEET - Skill Set Audit

    • LESSON - How Much Do You Need To Earn?’

    • WORKSHEET - Earnings Assessment

    • LESSON - What Hours Would you Prefer to Work?

    • WORKSHEET - Preferred Working Hours Review

    • Summary - Laying the Foundations

  • 3

    Module Two- Location,Location, Location

    • Introduction - Location, Location, Location

    • LESSON - Working from home

    • WORKSHEET -Working from home

    • LESSON - Working in a Clinic Owned By Someone Else

    • WORKSHEET -Working in a clinic owned by someone else

    • LESSON - Renting Commercial Premises

    • WORKSHEET - Renting Commercial Premises

    • LESSON - Working As A Mobile Therapist Doing Home Visits

    • WORKSHEET - Working As A Mobile Therapist Doing Home Visits

    • LESSON - Working As A Mobile Therapist With Corporate Clients

    • WORKSHEET - Working as a Mobile Therapist with Corporate Clients

    • WORKSHEET - Where And How to Work - Summary

    • LESSON - Further Options For Where To Work

    • WORKSHEET - Where And How to Work - Further Options

    • SUMMARY - Location,Location, Location

  • 4

    Module Three - Identifying Your Niche

    • Introduction - Identifying and Perfecting Your Niche

    • LESSON - Finding Your Niche

    • WORKSHEET - Identifying Your Niche

    • RESOURCES - Tips and Resources for completing the research tasks

    • LESSON - Perfecting Your Niche

    • WORKSHEET - Perfecting Your Niche

    • SUMMARY - Identifying and Perfecting Your Niche

  • 5

    Module Four - Deciding Your Legal Status

    • Introduction - Deciding On Your Legal Status

    • LESSON - Sole Trader

    • LESSON - General/Ordinary Partnership

    • LESSON - Limited Company

    • SUMMARY - Deciding Your Legal Status

    • WORKSHEET - Deciding On Your Legal Status

  • 6

    Module Five - Mastering the Art of Pricing

    • Introduction - Mastering the Art of Pricing

    • LESSON - Step-by Step Guide to Setting your Prices

    • WORKSHEET - Setting Your Prices

    • Summary - Mastering the Art of Pricing

  • 7

    Module Six - Step by Step Guide to Naming Your Business

    • Introduction - Step-by Step Guide to Naming your Business

    • LESSON - Step-by-Step Guide to Naming Your Business

    • WORKSHEET - Choosing a name for your business

    • Summary - Step-by-Step Guide to Naming Your Business

  • 8

    Module Seven - Setting Goals for your Business

    • Introduction - Setting Goals for your Business

    • LESSON - Using Goals to Succeed in Business

    • WORKSHEET -Setting Goals for your Business

    • Summary - Setting Goals for your Business

  • 9

    Module Eight - Playing to Your Strengths and Identifying your Weaknesses

    • Introduction - Playing to your Strengths and Identifying your Weaknesses

    • LESSON - Conducting a SWOT Analysis for your Business

    • LESSON - Creating a TOWS Analysis - The Useful Bit!

    • WORKSHEET - Creating your own SWOT and TOWS analyses for your Business

    • Summary - Playing to your Strengths and Identifying your Weaknesses

  • 10

    Module Nine - Mastering the Art of Cash Flow Forecasting

    • Introduction - Mastering the Art of Cash Flow Forecasting

    • LESSON - Create Your Own Cash Flow Forecast

    • WORKSHEET -Create Your Own Cash Flow Forecast

    • Summary - Mastering the Art of Cash Flow Forecasting

  • 11

    Module Ten - Writing a Useful Business Plan

    • Introduction - Writing a Useful Business Plan

    • LESSON - Writing your Business Plan

    • WORKSHEET - Writing your business plan

    • Summary - Writing a Useful Business Plan

  • 12

    Module Eleven - Creating the Perfect Brand for your Business

    • Introduction - Creating the Perfect Brand for your Business

    • LESSON - Creating a Strong Visual Image with the Power of a Good Logo

    • LESSON - Creating a Strong Visual Image with the Good Use of Colour

    • LESSON - Creating a Strong Visual Image with the Good Use of Fonts and Typography

    • LESSON - Creating a Strong Visual Image with the Good Use of Imagery

    • LESSON - Creating Your Brand Voice and Tone

    • WORKSHEET - Building your brand

    • Summary - Creating the Perfect Brand for your Business

  • 13

    Module Twelve - Setting Up Your Complementary Therapy Practice

    • Introduction - Setting Up Your Complementary Therapy Practice

    • LESSON - Making Your Treatment Room Extra Special

    • WORKSHEET - Designing your Treatment Room

    • LESSON - Choosing and Buying Equipment

    • WORKSHEET - Choosing your Equipment

    • LESSON - Online Booking Systems

    • WORKSHEET - Online Booking Systems

    • LESSON - Setting Up A Telephone System

  • 14

    Module Thirteen - Building Your Support Network

    • Introduction - Building Your Support Network

    • LESSON - Professional Bodies

    • WORKSHEET -Professional Bodies

    • LESSON - Other Business Support for Therapists

    • Summary- Building Your Support Network

  • 15

    Module Fourteen - Licence to Heal - Legalities and Regulations

    • Introduction - Licence to Heal

    • LESSON - Legal Requirements of Running a Therapy Business in a Nutshell

    • LESSON - Understanding Business Insurance

    • LESSON - Health and Safety Legislation

    • LESSON - Local Authority Licensing

    • USEFUL RESOURCE - Local Authority Licensing - Greater London Exemptions List

    • WORKSHEET - Local Authority Licensing

    • LESSON - Advertising Standards Regulation

    • WORKSHEET - Advertising Standards Regulation

    • LESSON - Music Licence

    • LESSON - Business Stationery Compliance

    • Summary - Licence to Heal

  • 16

    Module Fifteen - Creating Your Policies and Procedures

    • Introduction - Creating Your Policies and Procedures

    • LESSON - Creating Your Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

    • WORKSHEET - Creating your Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

    • LESSON - Creating Your No-Show Policy

    • WORKSHEET - Creating your No-Show Policy

    • LESSON - Creating Your Late Arrivals Policy

    • WORKSHEET - Creating your Late Arrivals Policy

    • LESSON - Creating Your Rewards Policy

    • WORKSHEET - Creating your Rewards Policy

    • LESSON - Creating Your Environmental Policy

    • WORKSHEET - Creating your Environmental Policy

    • LESSON - Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Code of Practice

    • WORKSHEET - Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Code of Practice

    • LESSON - Creating your Data Protection Policy

    • WORKSHEET - Creating your Data Protection Policy

    • LESSON - Creating your Privacy Notice

    • WORKSHEET - Creating Your Privacy Notice

    • Summary - Creating Your Policies and Procedures

  • 17

    Module Sixteen - Money, Money, Money

    • Introduction - Money, Money, Money

    • LESSON - Setting up a Business Account

    • LESSON - Payment Options

    • LESSON - Record Keeping and Accounts

    • WORKSHEET - Record Keeping and Accounting

    • LESSON - Cash Flow Forecasting

    • WORKSHEET - Cashflow Forecasting

    • LESSON - Obtaining Business Funding

    • WORKSHEET - Thinking about funding

    • LESSON - Develop Additional Revenue Streams

    • WORKSHEET - Develop Additional Revenue Streams

    • LESSON - Making Future Provisions

    • Summary - Money, Money, Money

  • 18

    Module Seventeen - Tax Matters

    • Introduction - Tax Matters

    • LESSON - Registering with HMRC

    • LESSON - Self-employed Tax

    • LESSON - Dividend Tax

    • LESSON - Corporation Tax

    • LESSON - Value Added Tax - VAT

    • LESSON - A guide to filling in and filing your Self-assessment tax return

    • LESSON - Capital Allowances and Annual Investment Allowance

    • LESSON - Allowable expenses

    • LESSON - HMRC self-employed simplified expenses – a guide

    • LESSON - Payment on account: what it is and how to pay - a guide for the self-employed

    • LESSON - A guide to HMRC late filing penalties, penalty appeals and reasonable excuses

    • LESSON - Making Tax Digital: what small businesses and the self-employed need to know

    • LESSON - National Insurance

    • Summary - Tax Matters

  • 19

    Module Eighteen- Recipe for Success

    • Introduction - Recipe for Success

    • LESSON - Ingredients For Success

    • WORKSHEET - Ingredients for Success

    • LESSON - Practicing Self Care as a Therapist

    • WORKSHEET - Starting Your Self Care Plan

    • LESSON - Importance of Building Trust with your Clients and How To Do It

    • LESSON - Learning to Manage your Time Wisely

    • LESSON - Procrastination and How to Avoid It

    • WORKSHEET - The Procrastination Quiz

    • LESSON - The Fundamentals of Successful Thinking

    • Determination Poem

    • LESSON - Learning the Importance of Positive Self-Talk and How to Master It

    • WORKSHEET - Positive Self-Talk

    • Success Checklist

    • LESSON - The Fear of Failure and How to Overcome It

    • The Tiny Frog Story

    • Summary - Recipe for Success

  • 20

    Module Nineteen - Tools for Success

    • Introduction - Tools for Success

    • LESSON - To-do List - Your New Best Friend

    • LESSON - Mind Mapping - another invaluable tool

    • LESSON - Using a Mood Board to Create Your Vision and Your Brand

    • LESSON - Using a Gratitude Journal as a Tool for Success

    • LESSON - Using Visualisation as a Tool for Success

    • LESSON - Using Meditation as a Tool for Success

  • 21

    Module Twenty - The Icing on the Cake

    • BONUS LESSON - A Special Tip For Success - The Missing Secret Ingredient That Will Give You The Edge

  • 22


    • The Final Word


  • Unique

    30+ years of experience wrapped up in one programme, specifically designed for therapists. Invaluable easy to follow guidance, tips, tools, explanations, examples, useful resources and so much more.

  • All-encompassing

    Everything you need in one place to help you set up your business for success. A masterclass in business development. Ideal if you are starting out as a therapist or if you want to revamp your business.

  • Flexible

    No timetabled start dates. You can begin the programme anytime! 24/7 online access to the online content and material allows you to work at your own pace and when you want.

  • Supportive

    Fully supported and carefully guided. We will be holdng your hand every step of the way. You will have the opportunity to participate in monthly mentoring sessions with Lynn Vereenooghe and other mentees via Zoom.

  • Affordable

    This programme is so useful to anyone starting out as a therapist or anyone wanting to re-launch their therapy business that it is important it is affordable to all. Your future success is our number one priority!

We’ll let you into a little secret….

the key to succeeding as a therapist is rooted in the business set up, not in the marketing. All the decisions you make in creating your business will be your firm foundations as you start to grow and attract clients. By the time you have finished the programme, you will have a clear vision of who you are as a business, who your ideal clients are, what is special about you and the services you offer. Your branding and image will be well thought through, together with your business name and pricing structure. All your policies will be in place, alongside any legal requirements. You will be set up as a well-formed small business and will just ooze professionalism! From there on in the marketing will be easy!

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If you are serious about becoming a therapist you must also be serious about running your business. Work through the programme and follow our step-by-step guidelines to create your own successful therapy practice with ease and confidence. Easy Payment Plan available to all.


  • Is this only open to therapists?

    Anyone can sign up but it has been written specifically for therapists and some sections will only be relevant to those working within complementary therapies.

  • It looks huge - how long will it take to complete?

    It is a substantial programme purely because we wanted to cover every single aspect of setting up a successful business. (Anyone can set up a business but there is an art to building for future success). With a great deal of focus and effort it could be completed in 3 months, however for some it may take longer.

  • How long will I have access for?

    You will have access for 12 months. If you wish to stay on longer there is a small monthly charge of £10.00.

  • If I have any questions is there anyone to ask?

    Yes we are here to support you thoughout. You can email or call. We will be with you all the way.

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Programme Director

MSCM Principal and Founder

Lynn Vereenooghe

My journey into this wonderful world started back in 1988 when a desire to understand how essential oils could be so potent and therapeutic, led me to my first courses in complementary therapies. To my surprise at the time, I fell in love with anatomy and physiology and the wonders of the human body and its innate ability to heal itself. The massage and aromatherapy courses that followed took me from being curious and interested, to absolutely hooked! I knew this was the world I wanted to be in. To everyone’s surprise I walked away from my lucrative corporate career and set up in practice full-time. Further training followed culminating in qualifying as an Osteopath. The knowledge I gained along the way gave me the desire and skill-set necessary to set up a training programme specifically for complementary therapists. At the time, good quality training was hard to find, standards were questionable and although the interest was growing in complementary therapies there was a shortage of good schools. MSCM was born and the rest is history. I am so proud of all we have achieved at MSCM in the last 30 years; the many thousands of therapists we have been privileged to teach, our amazing teaching team whose passion and enthusiasm knows no bounds, the lives we have changed, the incredible therapists we have come to know and love, but most importantly it is an honour to realise that we have made a difference! Every student who passes through MSCM and goes on to share their gift of therapies to others is paying it forward and making the lives of others better. I am honoured to have helped make this happen.