Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Small Cosmetic Making Business

Made Simple

To guarantee the success of your cosmetic business it is vital to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) during the manufacture of all cosmetic products. This ensures that your products are manufactured in a clean, hygienic environment and no contamination of your products occurs. Much of it is common sense but reading through the legislation and the requirements can be daunting to many. This on-line course not only makes the GMP guidelines for small cosmetic makers simple but it also provides some examples of the various documents that will need to be created as a manufacturer in order to satisfy these legal requirements. It also explains in simple language the necessary steps that must be undertaken to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Course Content

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

  • 2


    • Personnel

    • Personnel Training

    • Personal Hygiene

  • 3


    • Defining The Work Area

    • Cleaning the Premises

    • Pest Control

    • Water Supply and Cosmetic Production

  • 4


    • Selecting, Storing, Maintaining and Calibrating Equipment

    • Basic Equipment for Small Producer

  • 5

    Raw Materials and Packaging Materials

    • Suppliers

    • Raw Materials / Ingredients

    • Stock

  • 6


    • Production/ Manufacturing

    • Quality Control

    • Product Release

    • Subcontracting, Change Control, Internal Audit

  • 7


    • Documentation

    • Glossary of Terms

    • Course Completion

    • GMP End of Course Test

Course Highlights

  • Flexible

    No timetabled start dates. You can begin this course anytime! 24/7 online access to the learning resources allows you to work at your own pace and when you want.

  • Factual

    Factual, concise and straight to the point, this course helps you navigate through the legal requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices with ease.

  • Fast

    The uncomplicated approach of this useful course allows you to complete what's required in a matter of hours. Helps you getting started and shows you what's needed.

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The success of your cosmetics business relies on Good Manufacturing Practices. This course teaches you how to navigate all the legal requirements to ensure effective, safe, high quality and reputable products

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