A complete course in online marketing for natural therapists, healers and practitioners.

Learn how to make your website more effective so that you get found easily in the search engines and then easily convert your visitors into new clients

Why are many websites ineffective?

The truth is, many web designers don’t know how to make truly effective websites. Most are simply graphic designers (with some technical or WordPress knowledge) but they are often not online marketing experts. And you can’t build anyone an effective website if you don't understand effective online marketing principles.

Two main reasons why your website is under performing:

  • It might be that you have a great website, but your website doesn’t have any Search Engine Optimisation and therefore people aren’t able to find it easily when they search in Google for relevant search terms. It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is, if no one can find it, then it’s basically useless.

  • It’s possible that people are finding your website, but the content is just not connecting with them and either it’s not getting their attention quickly enough, or they don’t fully understand what it is you do, and how you can help them. You must learn how to get your message across effectively. Content is King!

Your website is your most important marketing tool!

Your website’s importance to your business cannot be overstated; at least if you want to be successful and help as many people as possible. Your website is undoubtedly your most powerful marketing tool, but it’s not a singular tool, it’s a powerful multi-tool! An effective website serves many different purposes and all of them can elevate your business and increase your success, but only if it has been set up correctly. Fortunately we are here to help as this course will show you how!

An effective website:

  • Is a 24/7 marketing assistant

  • Enables you to get found easily in search engines like Google

  • Educates your visitors and answers their questions

  • Builds Trust and Credibility

  • Captures leads for you to follow-up with

  • Turns visitors into new clients consistently.

Introducing the Effective Online Marketing for Therapists Course

Easy to follow - Step-by-step Guidelines

This course contains 7 modules, over 50 videos and well over 4 hours of content that will teach you everything you need to know about how to make your website effective!

Course Content

7 modules, over 50 videos and well over 4 hours of content

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • Let's get started

  • 2

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Intro and Set-up

    • Introduction

    • Which CMS?

    • Which Browser?

    • Setup

    • Setup Wordpress

    • Create a Google Account

    • Installing Google Analytics

    • Installing Google Search Console

  • 3

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Module 1 - Web Design & How To Convert More Visitors To Clients

    • What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

    • My Number One Tip

    • Totally Natural Demo Site

    • Optimising Your Site For Speed

    • Make Your Contact Info Clear On Every Page

    • Have A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

    • Use Relevant, Professional Images

    • Where To Get Professional Stock Photos & Graphics

    • Have Easy, Consistent, And Common Navigation

    • The Importance of Building Trust & Social Proof

    • Have Something For Your Visitors To Opt-in To.

    • Introduction To Copywriting

    • 12 Tips On How To Write Great Copy

  • 4

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Module 2 - Local SEO Overview Untitled chapter

    • Introduction to Local SEO

    • Map Pack vs Organic Results

    • The Two Elements of SEO

    • How Long Does it Take to See Results?

  • 5

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Module 3 - Keyword Search

    • What Is a Keyword?

    • Brainstorming Your Primary Keywords

    • How to Find Additional Keywords

    • How to Determine Keyword Difficulty

  • 6

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Module 4 - How To Do On-Page SEO

    • Introduction to On-Page SEO

    • Editing Your SEO Title Tags

    • Editing Your Url

    • Editing Your Page Title

    • Checking Your Page Optimisation

    • Homepage Optimisation

  • 7

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Module 5 - How To Do Off-Page SEO

    • Introduction to Off-Page SEO

    • How to Check Your Authority Score

    • Citations

    • How to do a Citation Audit

    • How To Find New Citation Opportunities

    • What Makes A Quality Back Link?

    • Easy Link Building Methods

    • Guest Posting

    • Creating 'Link Bait' Content

  • 8

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Module 6 - Google My Business

    • Introduction to Google My Business

    • How To Create A GMB Listing

    • How To Optimise Your GMB Listing

    • How To Get On The Google Map Pack

  • 9

    Effective Online Marketing for Therapists - Module 7 - Effective Content Marketing for Therapist

    • Introduction to Content Marketing

    • Essential Informational Content

    • Service Related Content

    • Prioritising Your Content

    • 5 Ways to Find New Content Ideas

    • Email Marketing

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